Stan Douglas
The Second Hotel Vancouver, 2014
Yayoi Kusama
Infinity Nets (HZT), 1998
Robert Longo
Study of X-Ray of Venus With a Mirror, 1555 After Titian, 2016
Alex Katz
Gwen, 2003
Do Ho Suh
Exit Series: Intercom, 348 West 22nd Street, New York NY 10011 USA, 2016
Hugo McCloud
give me back the night, 2017
Idris Khan
Disappearing Line, 2015
Ivan Seal
Garbled After Party, 2015
Thomas Demand
Daily #22, 2014
Laurent Grasso
Anechoic Wall, 2015
Robert Longo
Untitled (Salem), 2011
Eduardo Terrazas
1.1.59, 1974-2013
Robert Longo
Study of Woman and Bicycle, 1952-1953 (after de Kooning), 2014
Leslie Hewitt
Untitled (Mirage), 2010
Nick van Woert
Follow Me, 2014
Will Cotton
The Deferred Promise of Complete Satisfaction, 2014
Marlo Pascual
Untitled, 2015
Red Monochrome, 2004/2011
Douglas Gordon
to be titled, 2010
Jose Dávila
Untitled (Cowboy), 2014
Jason Martin
Ag II, 2016
Spencer Finch
Rain (Brooklyn), 2014
Shinique Smith
Candide, 2010
Christian Marclay
Queens, NY, 2003